Special Slimming Package

For The National Day

4 x Ultrasound Liposuction1 x Slimming Injections 3 x Madero Therapy 2 x IV Slimming Drips

2775 AED only until 2nd Dec.

Only until 2nd December

Let's celebrate!

Why our Slimming Programs are the most effective? Book a free trial session, and check yourself that our Ultrasound Liposction treatment gives 1-3 cm waist reduction in every session.

On the occassion of National Day Estheva Polyclinic prepared a unique offer, valid until 2nd December. Do you want to lose weight and contour your body with the care of Specialized Physician? Contact Estheva Polyclinic, and start now!

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Slimming Treatments in One Package

2775 AED

-50 % of regular price

until 2nd December

2775 AED Slimming Package

4 x Ultrasound Liposuction

Fat Break down during the Ultrasound Cavitation. Painless and Non-Invasive. 1-3 cm waist reduction in each session. Book a free trial to test your results.

Regular Price : 1600 AED

1 x Slimming Injections

Fat Break Down during Meso Lipo Injections. Minimal Discomfort. Performed by Physician. Can be exchanged to Radio Frequency Slimming is needles are not your thing ๐Ÿ™‚

Regular Price: 1500 AED

3 x Madero Therapy

Lymphatic Drainage Massage to remove products of the lipolysis from your body, detox, rejuvenate, and relax.

Regular Price 1050 AED

2 x Slimming IV Drips

IV Drips are the essential vitamis to supplement your weight loss progress.

Regular Price 1400 AED

National Day Offer - 50 %

4 x Ultrasound Liposuction, 2 x Slimming Injections, 4 x Madero Therapy

Special offer: 2775 AED

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4 steps to achieving

slimmingbody contourweight loss goal

Step 1.

Book a free consultation.

Every Slimming Program at Estheva Polyclinic starts fro a consultation with the specialist. First, your personal coach makes Body Compasition Analysis. The examination of your body and general health is important to establish your monthly and long - term goals.
At this point, you are introduced to our Sllimming Treatments, in order to choose the right package to achieving your target weight loss.


Slimming Treatments


Skin Tightening Treatments

Book a free consultation

Step 2.

Select Slimming Treatments for your Package

Choose from over fifteen treatments from Estheva Polyclinic portfolio, including Ultrasound Liposuction, Multipolar Radiofrequency, Cool Sculpt, Meso Lipo, Madero Massage, Presso Therapy and many others. Our advisors create a bespoke combination of treatments that can fit your time and budget.

Step 3.

Nutrition & Fitness Plan

Active and healthy lifestyle is important not only to your weight loss goal, but also to your general well-being, energy, mood, and skin condition. Slimming Advisors at Estheva Polyclinic can guide you though nutrition and fitness plans which can help you achieve even faster results and maintain your figure after achieving your goal.


Nutrition Plans

Get a FitBit Watch

To track your daily activity

IV Drips

To deliver to your body all necessary micro elements to boost your metabolism

Step 4.

Dedication to your goal

In each Ultrasound Liposuction treatment you can reduce waist circumferrence from 1 to 3 centimeters. You can book your trial session before starting the full package to verify your results. After completining several sessions, the results is accumulated and you can see a significant change to your body. However, your dedication to the program routine is the most important condition to achieving your goal quickly. The measurements of your progress are performed by the Slimming Therapist in every session, to keep you motivated seeing how your weight loss progresses in every session.

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– 20%



2200 AED


– 20 %


6 sessions

2200 AED


-20 %



2200 AED


– 20%



1800 AED


– 20 %


6 sessions

450 AED


-20 %



450 AED


Ultrasound Liposuction Slimming 30 min.

400 AED

6 sessions 2200 AED

Multipolar Radiofrequency Skin Tightening 30 min.

400 AED

6 sessions 2200 AED

Cool Sculpt Slimming (Fat Freezing) 30 min.

500 AED

6 sessions 2800 AED

Endermology 30 min.

300 AED

6 sessions 1400 AED

Endermology 50 min.

450 AED

6 sessions 2300 AED

Madero Lymphatic Therapy 50 min.

350 AED

6 sessions 1800 AED

Manual Lymphatic Drainage 50 min.

350 AED

6 sessions 1800 AED

Body Meso Lipolysys (Slimming Injections)

1500 AED

4 sessions 5000 AED

Presso Therapy 30 min.

100 AED

6 sessions 450 AED

Roll Shaper 30 min.

100 AED

6 sessions 450 AED

Muscle Electro Stimulation 30 min.

100 AED

6 sessions 450 AED
Are yoou ready to transform your figure?

Liposuction without Scalpel

Ultrasound liposuction breaks fat cells into fatty acids which are naturally neutralized within the lymphatic system. Results are visible even in one session. Each treatment reduces fat tissue storage from 1 cm to 3 cm. Book a trial session to check the results for yourself.

Non-Invasive Treatment

Painless procedure without the ingerention of scalpel or needles.

Results visible in first session

You can see the results in each session,verified by measurements. Yet, completing a package of several sessions gives significantly visible change.

Free Consultation

The consultation with a specialist is necessary prior to your first treatment.

Body composition analysis

During consultation, the slimming specialist checks your body composition to establish your weight loss goal.