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Injection lipolysis is a procedure that allows for quick and minimally invasive removal of fat tissue. The revolutionary method perfectly shapes the figure and helps to get rid of unwanted excess fat. Chin or body lipolysis is the perfect way to regain confidence in a situation where the body requires a little help in shaping the dream appearance.

The innovative therapy consists in the local introduction of special substances by means of injections that eliminate fat cells.

This type of treatment is controlled and safe, and the treatment allows you to quickly achieve positive results.

So if you are looking for a body contouring treatment in areas resistant to diet and training, such as the abdomen, buttocks or thighs, injection lipolysis is certainly the right solution, which is worth reaching for.

It is recommended to combine the procedure with the Lymphatic Drainage Massage to boost the detoxitification and body cleansing process, as well as to increse the desired results.

Body Injection Lipolysis

Single session

1500 AED

Body Injection Lipolysis

4 sessions package

5000 AED

Face Injection Lipolysis (Double Chin Reduction)

1 session

750 AED

Face Injection Lipolysis (Double Chin Reduction)

3 sessions

1800 AED

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