Estheva Polyclinic was founded in 2020 and introduced many of the now popular beauty and aesthetic technology in Dubai. We specialize in slimming, laser treatments, and aesthetic treatments.

Lips Augmentation

Lips augmentation is a very popular cosmetic procedure in Dubai. And is one of our top bestsellers. This procedure provides you with a fuller and more trendy “pouting” lips selfie. The Angelina Jolie lips that everyone desires.
Lip Augmentation image
Lips augmentation uses dermal fillers and is injected into the lips and in the mouth. Topical anesthesia is applied for a painless experience. Three types of injectable fillers can be used for lips augmentation:
At Estheva Polyclinic we use JUVÉDERM® the most popular and widely used today. It consists of HA which is naturally found in our skin, it helps preserve water to keep the lips moisturized.

Benefits of Lips Augmentation

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